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Old 04-29-2004
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Default MS-DOS Compatibility Mode Problems

Hi !

I will begin with appolaguise for using wrong terms, bad spelling and my even worse grammar.
(English is not my birth language.)

Also I may have posted this thread in the wrong forum since I don´t know whats the core in my problem,
it could also be BIOS, IDE Controllers or Windows related.

I have an old computer, Packard Bell, with OS Windows 98, Swedish language.
Mounted Two harddrives from Two even older computers that was going to be junked.

Before mounting:
IDE-0 Factory harddrive Master jumper C:
IDE-1 Empty
IDE-2 Factory DVD/CDROM Master jumper Q:
IDE-3 Empty

After Mounting:
IDE-0 Factory harddrive - 6.4 GB Master jumper C:
IDE-1 Seagate ST310232A - 10.2 GB Slave jumper D:
IDE-2 Fujitsu M1624TAU - 2.1 GB Master jumper E:
IDE-3 Factory DVD/CDROM Slave jumper Q:

Driver for IDE-bus = "Intel 82371 AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller"
In BIOS all drives are in AUTO with LBA enabled

All drives have been repartitioned, formatted (FAT32) and tested with scandisk surfacetest without any problems.

Problem description:
All drives work well without any problems until I change any 'whatsoever' settings that causes Windows to shut down and restart,
for the new settings to take effect, or if I blackout AUTOEXEC.bat or CONFIG.sys with "REM" to make Windows load faster.

Then the the following problem occurs:
- Drive E: is used in MS-DOS Compatibility mode
- DVD/CDROM is missing (No DOS driver loaded)

Before the change there is no conflicts or problem listed in Device Manager and after
the E: drive and DVD/CDROM doesn´t show up at all.
But they still exists in the registry under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ENUM\ -ESDI -SCSI".

I have tried FDISK /MBR and shearched registry for NO-IDE or BAD-IDE without luck.

When this happens IO.sys creates a file IOS.log where the first Two lines states:
- "ESDI data miscompare" witch comes from ESDI_506.pdr
- "Unit number 04 going through real mode drivers" witch comes from RMM.pdr
Unit number 04 is problably my E: if drive letters are converted with A: = 00, eg: B=01 and so on.

SysInfo (MSINFO32.exe) states: "Second IDE-driver is faulty Error Code = 10 (0xA)

And also a funny thing - if I clone my C: to E: and change BIOS to Boot from IDE-2
then I can´t succeded in forceing this problem to occur in any way.
I wouldn´t prefere to use my slowest driver to boot from, neither the second IDE-bus.

In DOS there is no problems, of course I will have to load the DVD/CDROM driver.

So if anyone have any deeeeeper experience I would apprechiate some good advise !
(I have been wrestling with this for Four weeks now, this is way over my head and my air is runnig low...)
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Old 05-02-2004
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This is how I would set up the drives

Primary channel
10.2 gig HDD master
6.4 gig HDD slave

Secondary channel
DVD master
2.1gig HDD slave

I would only put the two masters in first then install windows, then add the two slaves.

Now to the problem

Intel 82371 AB/EB Pci Bus Master IDE Controller

MS-DOS Compatibility Mode Problems with PCI IDE Controllers
If your computer contains a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) hard disk controller that employs serialization between the two IDE channels, you may experience the following behaviours:
· 32-bit file system access and 32-bit virtual memory are not available
· Device Manager displays an exclamation point (!) in a yellow circle for the primary and secondary IDE channels
If you uninstall and then reinstall the hard disk controller, this behaviour is not resolved.
This behaviour can occur if the protected-mode driver for the hard disk controller is not properly initialised when you start Windows. When this occurs, a NOIDE value is placed in the registry which prevents Windows from making future attempts to initialise the protected-mode driver.

All Versions
To cause Windows to attempt to reinitialise the protected-mode IDE driver:
1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then press ENTER.
2. Locate and click the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\VxD\IOS
3. In the right pane, right-click the NOIDE value, and then click Delete.
4. Quit Registry Editor.
After you update the registry, restart Windows. Windows attempts to initialise the protected-mode driver for the controller. If Windows can initialise the protected-mode driver for the controller, the file system and virtual memory operate in 32-bit mode and Device Manager does not display an exclamation point in a yellow circle for the IDE channels.

If the protected-mode driver is not initialised properly, you receive an error message and the NOIDE value is re-created. Windows uses the MS-DOS Compatibility mode file system the next time that you start the computer.
Windows 98 Only
If you are running Windows 98 on your computer, locate the Tools\Mtsutil folder on the Windows 98 CD-ROM, right-click the Noide.inf file, and then click Install. When you do this, the NOIDE value is deleted if it exists. After you use this file, restart your computer.
This issue can occur if your computer has an IDE controller that requires serialization between the primary and secondary IDE channels. The protected-mode drivers for these IDE controllers may not be initialised if one of the following situations occurs:
· If one IDE channel has a supported hard disk, and the second channel has a CD-ROM or another type of drive that requires Real-mode drivers. Because there must be serialization between the two IDE channels, Windows cannot access the hard disk in Protected mode and use the other device in Real mode. When this occurs, the Protected-mode driver is not initialised and the NOIDE switch is placed in the registry to prevent future errors. Both disk devices can then operate in Real mode.
· If you manually remove the driver for the IDE controller from Device Manager and then reinstall it, or if you disable and then re-enable the protected-mode driver. Some PCI controller drivers are not designed for dynamic enabling and disabling, and can cause the Protected-mode driver to not initialise properly.
The Windows device drivers for the following controllers may cause this behaviour:

· Intel 82371 AB/EB Pci Bus Master IDE Controller
· CMD PCI-0640 PCI-IDE controller
· Standard Dual PCI-IDE controller
· Opti Dual PCI-IDE controller
· Ali M5229 PCI Busmaster IDE Controller
Other PCI IDE controllers that use serialization between the IDE channels may also cause this behaviour.
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Old 05-03-2004
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Hi Peter,

First of all why would You make the DVD master ?

Second, I can see You have done some reading on the Microsoft Support pages.

Well I have read all that to, and mybe I am stupid, but it wont help me at all...

- There is NO "NOIDE" in the registry !
- I am NOT loading any driver for DVD in CONFIG.sys ! (So witch unit requires Real-mode drivers and why ?)
- If it is a serialization problem, then how come its gone when OS is on the 2.1 gig drive ???

What exactly do You want me to do ?
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Old 05-04-2004
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Disconnect 2gig drive or take it out altogether
See if this makes a difference
Are both channels enabled for DMA

What model is the board and how old is the BIOS

Primary channel
10.2 gig HDD master
6.4 gig HDD slave

Secondary channel
DVD master

install win98
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Old 05-05-2004
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Hi Peter !

If 2.1 gig disconnected = No Problems (But 2.1 gig less total storage area.)

All Four IDE-Channels have DMA enabled. (Port-1 IDE-0 + IDE-1 Port-2 IDE-3 + IDE-4)
Intel 82371 AB/EB Pci Bus Master IDE Controller have both channels enabled.

Mobo = Packard Bell MediaBlaster. (Computer = Packard Bell Multimedia 350)

Age of computer and BIOS I guess from -98 or -99. (BIOS have No problems in reporting the drives.)
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Old 05-05-2004
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Originally Posted by BESS
(Port-1 IDE-0 + IDE-1 Port-2 IDE-3 + IDE-4)
Should be -> (Port-1 IDE-0 + IDE-1 Port-2 IDE-2 + IDE-3)
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Old 05-05-2004
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The 10gig drive will be properly using 66
The 6gig drive will be properly using 33

The 2gig drive will be PIO 3 or 4

If you need more room you need a bigger drive. 40 gig drives are about £40 in the UK If you update the drive to 40 gig the next problem might well be the BIOS I think your old computer will only see 32gig. You can update the bios if one is available or use a disk manager from the manufactures site ie Seagate/Maxtor I have these programs on file.

ATA-5 is a standard approved by ANSI in 2000 under document NCITS 340-2000. ATA-5 adds support for Ultra-DMA/66, which is capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 66MBps, and has the capability of detecting between 40 or 80-wire cables.

ATA-4 is a standard approved by ANSI in 1998 under document NCITS 317-1998. ATA-4 includes the ATAPI packet command feature, introduces UDMA/33 also known as ultra-DMA/33 or ultra-ATA/33, which is capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 33MBps.

ATA-2 / EIDE / Fast ATA / Fast IDE / Ultra ATA
ATA-2 more commonly known as EIDE and sometimes known as Fast ATA or Fast IDE is a standard approved by ANSI in 1996 under document number X3.279-1996. ATA-2 introduces new PIO modes of 3 and 4, has a transfer rate of up to 16.6MBps, DMA modes 1 and 2, LBA support, supports drives up to 8.4GB. Today ATA-2 is now considered obsolete.
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