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Old 04-25-2009
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Post How to remove Bootsector virus?

Hello people one of my system got crashed of virus last day, it was not showing me other drives when it was performing well and then it got shutdown one day, when I tried to reformat, it didnít worked, when I tried to make partition again it said I have virus in boot sectors, I harder tried to remove it but I failed so, well my data are lost and I donít know the solutions, can you please suggest me how to remove that Bootsector virus?
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Old 04-26-2009
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idea Re: How to remove Bootsector virus?

Method 1:

How to Remove a Boot Sector Virus

A boot sector is the part of the hard drive that's accessed when the computer starts. A boot sector virus infects the boot sector, resides
in memory and runs when the computer is booted. Boot sector viruses can prevent the computer from booting or from running Windows. They're
usually spread by infected floppy disks.

Instructions: (Difficulty: Moderate)

Step1: Open the computer. Remove the infected hard drive. Install the hard drive in a computer with virus definitions that are up-to-date.
Run a virus scan on the hard drive.

Step2: Download or purchase an anti-virus software package that includes a boot sector program.

Step3: Put a bootable floppy disk in your floppy drive. Turn on the computer. At the "C:" prompt, type "cd" followed by the name of the
folder where your anti-virus software is installed. Run a scan command from the folder. Follow the instructions to clean the virus. If the
sector is still damaged, you may need to repair it with Windows.

Step4: Start your computer with the Windows CD. At the "Setup" screen, choose "R" to repair. Choose the version of Windows to repair.
Enter the administrator password. At the "C:" prompt, enter "fixmbr."

Step5: Insert a Windows boot disk in the floppy drive. Turn on your computer. At the "A:" prompt, type "fdisk/mbr."

Tips & Warnings
Running Windows utilities to repair your MBR could damage your drive and make it unreadable. Do not run Windows utilities like FDISK or
FIXMBR without trying antivirus software first.


Method 2

How to Remove a Boot Sector Virus in 11 easy steps:

Has your computer been acting strange lately? Has it been running slow, or telling you that your computer needs a certain program? If
so it may have a virus. This article deals with ones called Boot Sector Viruses. These reside in the sectors that are used to start your
Operating System. Some of the viruses that reside here also store themselves in your BIOS so they are booted even if you have just done
a clean install.

1: Remove any important files and shut down the infected computer. You can not begin to remove the virus if it is in the RAM in your

2: Download a new BIOS flash utility (must be DOS version) and copy it to the bootable floppy you are about to make. These are found at
your motherboard manufacturer's website, or at your computer manufacturer's website if you have a laptop.

3: Create a bootable floppy from an uninfected computer. Then write-protect the floppy.

4: Remove the HDD (hard disk drive or hard drive) from the infected computer. Be sure to remove all of the static electricity from your
self by touching the metal case.

5: Start up the infected computer with the bootable floppy in the floppy drive.

6: When the BIOS setup page shows, Push the corresponding key to change the Boot Order.

7: Set the Floppy drive to boot first.

8: Flash your BIOS with the utility provided by the manufacturer.

9: Find out which company manufactures your HDD and see if they have a utility that will do a Low-Level format. This part is important
because it deletes everything from your hard drive so that no one can get it back, including the virus. Some common HDD manufacturers'
tools for doing this can be found here.

10: Run the formatting utility provided by your HDD manufacturer.

11: Reinstall your Operating System of choice however you want to.

And most important thing is that use trusted software to remove virus else you will be in more trouble (if that software is infected).


Method 3

Boot sector virus repair

What is a boot sector? All disks and hard drives are divided into small sectors. The first sector is called the boot sector and contains the
Master Boot Record (MBR). The MBR contains the information concerning the location of partitions on the drive and reading of the bootable
operating system partition. During the bootup sequence on a DOS-based PC, the BIOS searches for certain system files, IO.SYS and MS-DOS.SYS.
When those files have been located, the BIOS then searches for the first sector on that disk or drive and loads the needed Master Boot Record
information into memory. The BIOS passes control to a program in the MBR which in turn loads IO.SYS. This latter file is responsible for
loading the remainder of the operating system.

What is a boot sector virus? A boot sector virus is one that infects the first sector, i.e. the boot sector, of a floppy disk or hard drive.
Boot sector viruses can also infect the MBR. The first PC virus in the wild was Brain, a boot sector virus that exhibited stealth techniques
to avoid detection. Brain also changed the volume label of the disk drive.

How to avoid boot sector viruses. Commonly, infected floppies and subsequent boot sector infections result from "shared" diskettes and
pirated software applications. It is relatively easy to avoid boot sector viruses. Most are spread when users inadvertently leave floppy
disks in the drive - which happen to be infected with a boot sector virus. The next time they boot up their PC, the virus infects the
local drive. Most systems allow users to change the boot sequence so that the system always attempts to boot first from the local hard
drive (C:\) or CD-ROM drive.

Disinfecting boot sector viruses. Boot sector repair is best accomplished by the use of anti-virus software. Because some boot sector viruses
encrypt the MBR, improper removal can result in a drive that is inaccessible. However, if you are certain the virus has only affected the
boot sector and is not an encrypting virus, the DOS SYS command can be used to restore the first sector. Additionally, the DOS LABEL
command can be used to restore a damaged volume label and FDISK /MBR will replace the MBR. None of these methods is recommended, however.
Anti-virus software remains the best tool for cleanly and accurately removing boot sector viruses with minimal threat to data and files.

Creating a system disk. When disinfecting a boot sector virus, the system should always be booted from a known clean system disk.
On a DOS -based PC, a bootable system disk can be created on a clean system running the exact same version of DOS as the infected PC.
From a DOS prompt, type:

SYS C:\ A:\
and press enter. This will copy the system files from the local hard drive (C:\) to the floppy drive (A:\).

If the disk has not been formatted, the use of FORMAT /S will format the disk and transfer the necessary system files. On Windows 3.1x
systems, the disk should be created as described above for DOS-based PC's. On Windows 95/98/NT systems, click Start | Settings | Control
Panel | Add/Remove Programs and choose the Startup Disk tab. Then click on "Create Disk". Windows 2000 users should insert the Windows
2000 CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive, click Start | Run and type the name of the drive followed by bootdisk\makeboot a: and then click OK.
For example:

d:\bootdisk\makeboot a:
Follow the screen prompts to finish creating the bootable system disk. In all cases, after the creation of the bootable system disk, the
disk should be write protected to avoid infection.


Top 10 Windows Anti-Virus Programs

PcWorld's Top 10 Ranked AV & Protection Ratings

Best Antivirus Software - Editor's Choice

Top 10 Antivirus Programs 2010

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Old 02-25-2012
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Default Re: How to remove Bootsector virus?

Thanks jerry i was also going through this problem,
Method 3 works for me and i did it, now my system is running smoothly.
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Old 03-09-2012
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Default Re: How to remove Bootsector virus?

Boot-Sector virus is a one kind of virus which will effect at a time of system that to Remove a Boot-sector virus,user need to install a anti virus which contain a boot-scanning facility.and then scanning a system,we can remove a boot-sector virus.
You'll need an AV program that has "Root Kit" protection. Tye running malwarebytes and downloading microsoft Security Essentials (both are free) and run them also
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Old 09-20-2012
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Default Re: How to remove Bootsector virus?

Hi Jerry K, thanks for sharing nice information and before days, I am facing same issues with my laptop. I am applying Method 3 and really my problem is resolved and remove Boot-sector virus.


Smith Martin
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