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Muriqui 04-15-2004 11:28 AM

USB Virtual Network Adapter
Hello All,

I am looking for a driver for a USB 2.0 Data Link Cable, which I bought and have lost the installation disk. It is requiring the file VNic.sys. I want to use this cable to establish a network between a Dell XP and a Dell 2K laptops.

Any help of where to find these adapter will be very much appreciated,

Thanks in advance,



Eric 11-16-2004 01:53 PM

I have the CD but it doesn't have VNic.sys on it. I'm looking for this now too. :/


Symptom7 05-30-2009 02:35 AM

Re: USB Virtual Network Adapter
I figured it out.
You need to uninstall everything and reinstall it manually to select "Superlink" because Windows keeps trying to Install "Virtual Network Adapter". Vnic.sys is not needed for "Superlink"

Make sure you have completely Uninstalled your NetLinker and hardware
After uninstalling USB SuperLink and (or) virtual Network
Make sure USB cable is unplugged / leave installation disk in drive
Restart computer / Wait for computer to be finished starting up.

1.) Plug in usb cable
when windows tries to install it, just cancel until it stops.
2.) Now, with USB cable plugged in,
go to control panel / Add Hardware / Next
3.) when file needed / cancel / every time
4.) Screen: is the hardware connected? / yes / Next
5.) Select usb 2.0 data link / next
6.) Screen: completing the hardware wizard / click finish
7.) Welcome to the Hardware Update Wizard / click "No, not at this time" / Next
8.) "install from a list or specific location (advanced)" / Next
9.) Select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install" / Next
10.)Select usb super link adapter / next
12.)Open the Super Link program on both computers. It should work now.
It did for me. Hope this helps.

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