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Harry 10-14-2005 07:52 AM

Windows 95 (How to find drivers)

I have Windows 95 installed on a pc.

I want to know how to find what files (the actual names) I require to copy so that if the hard drive (HD) fails I can:

1) Put a new new HD in
2) Install Windows 95 (assuming it does not auto detect as required)
3) Install drivers from the old HD

Is there a program that I can run (in windows 95) that tells me the name of all files required?

Thanks in advance.

Constance 10-14-2005 05:35 PM

[url=]Everest Home Edition[/url] should tell you which components are in the computer, so you just have to look for the corresponding drivers on the manufacturer's website or here on DriverGuide ... let's just hope your system meets the requirements to run it.

baath 11-10-2005 03:40 PM

Re: Windows 95 (How to find drivers)
Have original disk. However, you do have a problem. Most programs today are 32-bit and going to 64-bit address. This includes drivers. Best bet is go to XP due memory usage or 98SE. I have found ME works good with >512K but still locks up due to threads.

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